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TSVC | Tourism Students Virtual Conference

Social and Political Perspectives on Tourism

Welcome to students from the University of Lincoln as well as other visitors. Through this student-led Virtual Conference, we seek to involve final year tourism students in the exploration of the social and political dimensions of tourism of the early 21st century.


Increasing inclusion, diversity and wellbeing: Exploring issues of participation, representation and work from a critical tourism and social justice perspectives

In this year's conference we are seeking to explore the social, cultural and political dimensions of tourism in the early 21st century and explore the current critical issues
in tourism. Key questions include:

  • What does social justice and equality mean in the context of tourism?
  • What are the critical issues and challenges the global tourism industry faces in the contemporary globalised world?
  • How do age, disability, gender, sexuality and race affect our experiences of tourism?
  • How can we make tourism accessible to all? Is access to tourism equal to all? What are the social factors affecting access to tourism?
  • What insights does the critical tourism perspective offer?
  • How are women, ethnic minorities, older people represented in tourism marketing materials? What are the main issues around how tourists are represented in marketing materials? Why is inclusivity important when it comes to constructing marketing materials?
  • Why is it important to look beyond the tourist experience and address the issues around worker wellbeing? Who are those working in tourism and hospitality, and what key challenges are they facing in tourism employment?
  • What can be done to make tourism and hospitality workplaces

We look forward to exploring your ideas and seeing you engage in debates with other students. We hope you enjoy this experience!

Key Dates

Tuesday 14th May

Students to be sent login details

Tuesday 21st May

Students upload their discussion papers

Wed 22nd May - Fri 24th May

Full conference runs and commentaries to be uploaded