2013: What it means to be a tourist in the 21st century

Welcome to students from the Universities of Lincoln and Wolverhampton! We look forward to some days of stimulating debate in our 2013 Virtual Conference. We will cover a wide range of topics, with questions such as: Can tourists help to create world peace and promote development? Who determines what an authentic experience is? Can access to tourism be made fairer? How do tourists cope with the prospect of extreme weather generated by climate change? Can mega-events really change peoples lives for the better? How can we trust social media to give us good travel advice? Can we tell the difference between fact and fantasy in holiday settings and does it matter?


Contributors to this theme will be debating the implications for tourism of the current international security environment and the various ways in which tourists perceive risk.

The glossy images in tourism brochures obscure the fact that many people on the world find it difficult or even impossible to take holidays. Contributions to the strand examine the wide range of factors that inhibit access to tourism.

Tourists make sense of their holiday experiences in a huge variety of ways, whether close to home or at the other side of the world whether travelling alone or on a busload of fellow passengers. These are explored in this strand.

As tourism provision expands, so do the number of specialist niches. This phenomenon form the focus for debates in this strand.