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Discuss the influence of family tourism and holiday in the social tourism

Discuss the influence of family tourism and holiday in the social tourism
Author: Chunlu Tian
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This paper will discuss the impacts of a family holiday with social tourism. The social tourism can fully reflect the importance of social justice and fairness to people. Lead holiday could affect family tourism, and understand social tourism to make the influence on families.

Key words: Social tourism, holiday, family.

According to McCabe, et al. (2011), social tourism not only take the important advantages for individuals, but also useful create more powerful families and change their well-being. So that, social tourism could improve and help people’s health to a certain extent (McCabe, et al., 2011).. In addition, social tourism can not only affect the health of tourists, such as psychological problems, it can also promote the social development of destinations to a certain extent. Thereby helping the destination to achieve further social and economic development.

On the other hand, Hazel (2005) believes that family holidays can better promote the development of social tourism, because it is a component of social tourism. Among them, the holiday can not only bring more time for children and parents to rest, but also promote emotional communication between children and parents (Hazel, 2005). This will enable parents to better understand their hobbies and situations and enhance their feelings. In addition, during the holidays, family travel can help children learn more and broaden their horizons (Hazel, 2005). For example, during the holidays, parents lead their children to a destination, which allows the child to learn about local culture and other aspects of knowledge (McCabe, 2009).

In addition, social tourism can improve the mental health of some tourists. For example, according to some research studies, children with autism can be treated by means of tourism (McCabe, 2009). Parents can travel with children with autism, which allows the child to make new friends and learn more about new things. This can help your child slowly treat autism (McCabe, 2009).

Although social tourism can bring different benefits to tourists and destinations, it still has some problems, including health, relationships, and other issues. These issues are handled differently, and they also have different impacts on holidays, family and social tourism. For example, in a relationship, family travel needs to consider the relationship between family members. The purpose of their travels during the holidays is to enhance their relationship and increase their feelings and communication.

In other words, the existence of social tourism can not only increase the economic situation of the destination, but it also affects socialization, individuals and families. It reflects different issues and interests for different levels. However, even if social tourism faces various problems in the process of development, it can bring corresponding benefits to people. This will not only help families to strengthen the feelings of family members, but also help them solve the problems they face, such as mental health. In short, the development of social tourism is necessary, and enhance the development and understanding of destinations and tourists with socialization.

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