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TSVC | Tourism Students Virtual Conference

Instructions for students


The notes below will guide you through the submission of your discussion paper and commentary (instructions on how to write a discussion paper and commentary can be found in the Module Guidebook on Blackboard):


  1. Your key contribution to the Virtual Conference is your discussion paper that you post on this website (this is the summary of your full conference paper). It is best for you to write your discussion paper in MS Word first, then copy and paste it to the website. Remember to spell-check your work - and check for grammar and expression - before submission.
  2. The conference will be open in a 'pre-conference' phase for you to post your discussion paper on. In order to do this, you will need to log in (you would have received your log in details in an email to your student account) and select the appropriate strand of the conference. Please note that you may submit your discussion paper ONCE only; you cannot remove it but you CAN edit it.
  3. The conference proper will then be in session from. You can submit your commentary any time during this period. Note that you need to log in, select the required paper and add the commentary to it. You will find a button at the foot of each discussion paper, allowing you to submit a commentary. Give a different title to your commentary to any that might already be posted there.
  4. This conference website is searchable - by single key words, phrases, author, enrolment numbers and title.
  5. Please conduct yourselves responsibly - the material on this site is being assessed and is also public. You are representing your University generally and Tourism programme specifically. 
  6. Remember to tell us how you felt about participating in this conference! You will be invited to do this when you have posted your commentary.