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2018 - Exploring the possibilities of a critical tourism approach: What it means to embed social justice to transform lives of visitors and workers in tourism?

We are seeking to explore the social, cultural and political dimensions of tourism in the early 21st century and explore the current critical issues in tourism. Key questions include:

  • What are the critical issues and challenges the tourism industry faces in the contemporary world?
  • Is access to tourism equal to all? What are the social factors affecting access to tourism? What insights does the critical tourism perspective offer?
  • How can we make tourism accessible to all?
  • How do age, disability, gender, sexuality and race affect our experiences of tourism?
  • Who are those working in tourism and hospitality, and what key challenges are they facing in tourism employment?
  • What can be done to make tourism and hospitality workplaces more inclusive and ethical?
Strand 1
Tourism, citizenship, diaspora and (im)mobilities
Strand 2
Social tourism, accessibility and wellbeing: Enabling participation and improving lives
Strand 3
Exploring subjective experiences and social identities: Race, gender and queer identities in tourism
Strand 4
Inside tourism and hospitality workplaces: Worker experiences, issues and creating inclusive working environments