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Please do not do this - Discover the unfair treatment for student working part time in the restaurant industry

Please do not do this - Discover the unfair treatment for student working part time in the restaurant industry
Author: Zihao Zhu
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This paper was conducted two interviews on investigate the part time working experiences dueing the study period. Both interviews have taken actions to deal with the difficult situation they met in job position also they do not feel that they were suffered the unfair treatment. Thus, strange customer behaviours will be found out by the story given by two interviewees.

Key words
student part time worker, unfair treatment, restaurant industry, and customer dysfunction.

According to the UKBA database, there were 43% of job in UK service industry such as bar service, restaurant waiters, hotel housekeepers were taken by the part time student workers. Thus, Mkono, M. (2010) found that 96% of the students workers have suffered the treat or experienced the difficult situation in the working position, such as unfair treatment, and discriminations in ages and genders, and sexual harrassment. In the conference paper, two interviews were conducted. Two interviewees were Chinese and part time workers. both interviewees were current studing at the university of Lincoln. Hence, this discussion paper is to discover the motivation of the student to find out part time job, and also to look at the student reaction of the difficult siutation.

By the way discover the motivation of the students to find part time job, Concordia, (2006) have studied and listed the factors that student part time workers might think be benefited from the job experiences. The term “gain new skills, as well as improve their English skills, and discover the UK” were the factors which make the migrant workers satisfcated and get benefited from the part time job. However, one of the interviewees told me that the factors he was most care about is gain the experiences, money is the second thing. As he was compared his wages with full time employeers, he said on that: “ I was not worrying about the tution fees and living cost, so that I do not care about how much money I can get from job, compared with the full time employeers. Their wages is higher than me, so that manager is expecting more work from them, furthermore, full time workers need to be sponsored by the british company to apply for the working visa to stay in the UK.” He thought he have gained some working expeirences in the UK and want to know inside the management and operation of British organization. As he though the situation is part of the work experiences. It is the experiences which he would like to try apart from study. This is also his main motivation to take part time job in the UK.

Firstly, the reason of why students are most find the part time job is that service industry do not need previous experiences required, and the jobs in the service industry is easy to find. Most of students part time job were taken placed in the service relevant industy, such as restaurant waiter, hotel receptioner, and barman. The interviewees told that he is willing to gain some social experiecnes as his motivation to find part time job and earn money is second thing. He believed that part time job in the UK was one of the way to engage into UK social life.

The second argument is to discover the reaction of the students workers in the way of protect themselves. As the research shows, the majority of student workers were ignore and made no voice in the events of reacting the situations. One of the interviewees was said “I were meet some customers to escape paying the bills. It would impact on my tips, next time I were paying more attention on each table also to allocated my colleges in monitoring the customer table in the busy hours.” It can be clearly to see that my participates have taken actions to deal with the difficult situation. And he thought this is not unfair treatment. Another participate was suffered the one situation, which was received a fake £5 note from customer at his work place, which is a take away restaurant. Later on, the manager was taken £5 from his wages as a penalty. He made no voice to againest that. Also he commented that he can only get national minimum wages the tips does not apply to him. According to the Ivancheva, M. (2007), he researched on the dissatisfaction factors which effect on the student worker. By the majority number of student workers he investigaed can not get the national minimum wages as their managers promised to give them. One of the interviewees claimed he can get £250- £260 per week, it seems a big amount of money with 1pm to 9pm and worked six days per week. Compared the workload of each week, he only can get euqal to £5.2 per hour, which is still below national minimum wages. The interviewee told me the money is second thing, to gain the social experiences in the UK the more important.

To sum up, this research has show the unfair treatment in the part time working position based on the story given by the student part time workers. To find out the way to avoid that, the local government and private community need to coorporated together, as well as the labour union taking part in the way of minimizing the issues in the service industry.

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