2014: Tourism for leisure, tourism for work: themes in 21st century tourism

Welcome to the Tourism Students' Virtual Conference 2014! Among this year's key questions are: How does an uncertain security environment and its attendant risks affect tourist behaviour? Who determines what an authentic experience is? How do factors such as our gender, ethnic identity and social status social affect our access to tourism? Can we tell the difference between fact and fantasy in holiday settings - and does it matter? Who participates in the extraordinary variety of niche forms of tourism? What are the key issues facing those working in the tourism sector?


This conference strand focuses attention on the uncertainties surrounding travel and tourism in a world that seems beset by fears of impending crisis, whether this be climate change, terrorist others, depletion of fuel sources and food supplies, or political insecurity.

This strand draws attention to the ways in which peoples social attributes such as gender, age, nationality, class/status, disabilities shape their tourism choices.

In our pursuit of satisfying leisure opportunities, the circumstances of the vast numbers of people who serve tourists needs are often neglected. This strand throws light on working conditions in the sector.

This strand investigates the nature of the many very highly specialist forms of tourism that have developed as the sector has matured.